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1 Hour Dolphin Watching – COVID Restricted

This is a slightly shortened version of our most popular Wildlife Explorer trip. Due to COVID-19 we have had to alter the way we provide trips and interact with people. This has meant we have dropped our max capacity to around 8 persons when we have more than one group on board. This has meant that we have had to increase our price slightly and limit the bookings to fixed group sizes in order for the trips to go ahead.
We have already lost so much this season and this was the fairest way we felt we could offer trips that weren’t too expensive but also head towards being profitable to run. For example, If you are a group of 3 then please select the 4 person group. Lots of other companies are only allowing one group on board, that have to charter the whole vessel, which soon becomes prohibitively expensive for most families. I promise you we are doing our best, and as soon as the restrictions are lifted, we will adjust our prices back down to the best value trips in the whole of the UK. If you are a single group of 8-12 people, then please call 07795242445 to book.

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