Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take Prams? 

Yes, prams are welcome on board. If they are the double buggy types, or motorised, please get in touch before booking so that we can make sure you are going at a time that allows us to easily load up, as over low water this can sometimes be a problem.

Are dolphins guaranteed?

The dolphins that we get in the Bay here are all wild animals. We have no control over where they would be at anytime, and even though we have a good idea, we can’t guarantee sightings of any of the animals on our trips. Please manage the expectations of any children that would be in your group, as people sometimes tell us that their children were upset because they didn’t see dolphins. Most of our trips see dolphins – approximately 80% of trips. 

Is it safe for children / what ages do we take on board? 

Yes, the trips are extremely safe for children, and are suitable for all ages, even babies. If you have any concerns, please give us a call and we can discuss your issues. 

Do we take dogs? 

Yes, well behaved pets are more than welcome on board and are rarely a problem. We ask that they are kept on leads at all times, kept off the seats, and added to the booking at the time you book. If we see a dog on our seats, the skippers will ask for the dog to sit on the floor, so please don’t be offended.

Is it safe if I am pregnant? 

Yes, our tours are all slow moving, never going more than 8 knots. 

Is it suitable for wheelchair users?

Wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility join us all the time. We love getting every person that we can out on the water. Both our boats have side doors which makes loading up very easy, but there are circumstances that we simply can’t manage, e.g. large motorised chairs. The main issue is getting to our loading point which is at the end of an uneven, stone pier that was built in 1835. Please view our video of how to get to the end of the pier on YouTube 

Do we cancel if it rains? 

We have cover from rain and sun on our larger vessel, but no cover on our 12 seater. We don’t usually cancel if the forecast is for rain as they are often wrong, so definitely bring a coat with you if the weather forecast has the potential for rain. We only cancel if the sea state is deemed to be too much. 

Do we need to prebook? 

Yes, we advise people to book in advance, especially on weekends or on school holidays, as the trips fill up sometimes days before. 

Does the boat have cover from the sun/rain? 

The one hour trip that runs on our larger vessel has cover, but our smaller vessel doesn’t. We reserve the right to swap vessels for various reasons, so always bring a coat if the forecast is potentially rainy. 

What else do we see other than dolphins? 

Seals, porpoise, tens of different species of seabirds, jelly fish, and occasionally basking sharks. On the 1.5 hour trips that lift up the lobster pots, we can see lobster, crab, prawn, small fish and even sharks.

What is your cancellation policy? 

If we have 48 hours notice from you, then we can issue a full refund. If you give us less than 48 hours notice then there will be no refund. Please read this carefully at the time of booking. We have lots of people miss trips due getting to the departure point at the time the boat leaves. If you don’t allow any time for any hiccup along the way, then the boat will leave without you. There are no refunds of you miss the trip for any reason. We might be able to take you on a later trip if there is space, but we can’t book you on in advance, you would essentially be on standby tickets and we would know 5 minutes before the trip departs. 

Is there parking nearby? 

Yes, there is lots of parking in the town. The postcodes are Paragon Car Park – SA45 9NR. Church rd Car Park – SA45 9PB. Central Car Park – SA45 9QH. All of them are within walking distance. The parking meters can be a little bit tricky, so be prepared to take longer than you think sorting parking out. 

Where are we located? 

Our booking office is in our gift shop next to the pink ice cream shop and Blue Bell Deli, SA45 9NP. You don’t need to come here if you have booked online, you simply need to get to the end of the big stone pier 15 minutes before your departure time. If you haven’t booked, you can book inside the shop, but it is safer and easier to do it online.

Do you do private charters? 

Yes, please see our charter page for prices and times and more information. 

What is best time to see dolphins? 

Each day is different. We usually give a bit of an update on our homepage about when was good over the last few days.

What should I bring/wear? 

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in, and always bring something warm as it is often colder at sea. Footwear isn’t very important, but no bear feet please. 

Is there a toilet on board? 

Yes, our larger vessel has a full sized, flushing toilet. Please try to go before you join us, as you will want to spend as much time looking for dolphins as possible. 

Are there lifejackets on board? 

All of our vessels are fully compliant with the law, which require us to carry flares, first aid, communication equipment, liferafts, liferings and other sea survival equipment on board at all times.