Dolphin and Wildlife Explorer at Sunset

See the Sunset at New Quay

The only place to see the sunset in New Quay is at sea

Our sunset trips follow the same route as our normal, daytime trips. It does, however, have a higher dolphin sighting rate and this is partly due to the diel verticle migration where small organisms come closer to the surface to feed and breed during the night, when their predators find it more difficult to see them. During the half light just before sunset, the fish which the dolphins prey on are more active, and in turn, makes the dolphins more active.

Because we can only carry 12 passengers, the sunset trips usually fill up quickly. It is highly advisable to book online or contact us at least a day in advance to book or register an interest as we don’t run them every evening. If you call, we can give you an idea on the weather conditions and which days we are likely to run.
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Prices for the Sunset Trips:

Adults: £15 Children under 16: £10