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Things to do near New Quay, Wales

If you’re staying near Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion or Carmarthenshire, why not head over to New Quay to discover some of its famous family-friendly attractions? Whether you are a walker, nature-lover or just looking for a fun place to take the little ones, New Quay offers you a wide choice of activities to fill your day. Here are a few things to do near New Quay, Wales that should suit everyone in your family, both young and old.

Things to do near New Quay, Wales

Harbour Bay

New Quay is home to this beautiful beach, which is regarded as being the most popular in the town. It was awarded a blue flag for cleanliness and safety, has a designated swimming area and is always manned by a lifeguard. You can sit back on the sand and relax, knowing that you and your group will be in good hands.

After visiting the bay, you can pop into the local shops and amenities. This setup is also ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to get their shoes sandy, as there is always something else to do nearby.

Hidden Cove

The busyness of beaches can be loved by some, but overwhelming for others. If you identify with the latter, then you will be glad to know that there is a hidden cove in New Quay that can be accessed just beyond the harbour. It offers a huge stretch of clean sand perfect for walking long distances on, with fewer visitors to disrupt your well-deserved peace and quiet.

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park

If you have children with you, Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park is a must-visit location. Here you will be greeted by a wide selection of animals, play areas and a beautiful country landscape. The site also offers a campsite for any extended stays, alongside a café to refresh yourself at whilst the children are playing and getting involved with the many activities the farm has to offer. Just some of their four-legged friends on display are donkeys, rabbits, sheep and pigs.

SeaMor boat trips

If you can’t get enough of the natural wonders the town has to offer, then make your way over to our dock. Here at SeaMor, we offer boat trips and day charters hosted by knowledgeable marine biologists and skippers who will take you around the beautiful sights of Cardigan Bay for a fair, affordable price. Our tours revolve around sighting dolphins and other creatures, such as seals and crabs, who reside in the local seas. We also offer sunset and early bird trips, so can tailor specifically to the individual needs of your group.

To find out more about our services, or to learn more about things to do near New Quay, Wales, visit us at SeaMor. Why not book to come sailing with us during your next getaway?

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