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What do bottlenose dolphins like to eat?

Bottlenose dolphins are very intelligent creatures that love to eat a variety of different foods. Spotting these beautiful animals in the wild is relatively easy, but having them hang around can be tricky without the right food. They can be picky eaters and will only eat the food they like best. There are many different types of bottlenose dolphin species around the world, each with its own unique habitat requirements. For example, some live in colder waters while others live in warmer waters than others.

So if you’re out dolphin spotting on a dolphin watching boat trip, it’s helpful to know what these stunning marine mammals like to eat. In this article, we’re going to find out what dolphins like to eat.

What do bottlenose dolphins like to eat?

Bottlenose dolphins are and eat a variety of fish and squid, depending on what’s available for them to feed on. For example, some are mainly fish eaters, while others enjoy eating mostly squid.

Bottlenose dolphins will eat things that are salty, fatty and sweet. They also like to eat things that are crunchy and chewy. Dolphins will eat food in any of these forms:

  • Whole fish
  • Fillets
  • Prawns, squid and crabs
  • Shellfish like oysters and mussels
  • Sea cucumbers
  • Octopus

Dolphins are opportunistic feeders

Dolphins are known to be opportunistic feeders that will eat a variety of fish, squid and shrimp depending on what’s available. Some dolphins consume more fish than others, depending on where they live. For example, in colder waters like the North Atlantic Ocean where there are fewer opportunities for them to source big fish, bottlenose dolphins tend to rely more heavily on smaller prey like anchovies or herring. On the other hand, if you’re swimming around in tropical regions then you’ll likely be encountering dolphins that eat much larger fish.

Dolphins can often be picky eaters

It’s no secret that dolphins are like humans—they have different tastes in food, can be picky eaters, and can be fussy about the texture and smell of their food. As with humans, some dolphins enjoy eating raw seafood such as squid or shrimp. Others prefer to consume cooked seafood such as fish that has been baked or grilled.


The bottlenose dolphin is an intelligent animal that has been studied for decades. These dolphins are very social, living in groups and forming friendships with other animals such as humans. They are also very playful creatures who enjoy swimming around in the ocean or playing games like hide-and-seek with their friends. It’s important to remember when feeding these animals that they should only be given one type of food at a time so they don’t get sick from eating too much at once!

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