What’s in Our Lobster Pots?

We may also lift a couple of strategically placed lobster pots on our tours, depending on the conditions. Lobsters, crabs, prawns, and even small sharks can be handed or touched before being released.

Our boat trips will be a real highlight of your visit to New Quay.

Lobster Pots

We have a few strategically placed lobster pots along the trips. The seabed is different at each of these locations which means that we are more likely to catch different creatures at each point. Just because they are called lobster pots doesn’t mean that they only catch lobsters. Huge spider crabs, small sharks (dogfish and bullhuss), conger eels, butterfish, prawns, hermit crabs, whelks, scorpion fish, gobies, sea spiders and trigger fish to name a few. All of these creatures are shown round the boat, and if you wish, can be handled for a short time.

The on board marine biologist will answer any questions about each species and give a comprehensive talk about them. The pots are baited each day, and all animals returned to the sea, so every trip has got something new on them.

More on Lobster Pots

Our trips leave daily from the main pier in New Quay from April to October, weather depending. The first leg of the journey will be to head over to the lobster pots. This gives everyone an opportunity to get their ‘sea legs’ in the protected inner bay and see what’s in the pots for that particular trip. After the lobster pots have been put back in the sea, we will be at the first of the dolphin ‘hot spots’ and have an excellent all round view of New Quay and it’s two beaches from the North. We then cruise around the next large dolphin feeding area which is just off New Quay Head, and down to the caves and the bird nesting sites.

We have one of the most important sea bird breeding sites in Wales here in New Quay. Razorbills and guillemots, members of the Auk family and related to puffins breed here in their thousands, and it really is an amazing sight to see them all crammed onto the ledges. This stretch of coastline is fascinating. With all the seabirds, choughs and peregrines flying around, seals on the rocks, dolphins bow riding and buzzing the hydrophone and jellyfish in the water, somedays it is difficult to know which direction to look in!

Useful information before you board

Please dress appropriately, bring warm clothing as it is often cooler at sea. A warm, waterproof jacket is always advisable. Camera’s etc are totally welcome, but are at your own risk. Dogs and prams welcome, but please let us know prior to boarding so that we can help.

Please also note that we may take photo’s on board for use in our own publicity.

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