Dolphin Watching, New Quay Boat Trips, Cardigan Bay, Wales

Join us on a one hour guided Dolphin Watching Boat Trip, leaving from the picturesque fishing village of New Quay, West Wales. Learn about the local history, geology and wildlife from our marine biologist guides and knowledgeable skippers.

  • Next trips:- Wednesday 1th of June – Sunny day, and flat calm. Lots of dolphin action in the mornings over the last few days.


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Gannet in flight above New Quay

Our Boats and Guides

Our exclusive New Quay boat trips are guided by qualified marine biologist and enthusiastic skippers and crew.

Boat Trips at New Quay with guided tours

The 1 hour trips are on our large white catamaran. It has cover from the sun and rain, but also has an open area at the front that has an unrivalled view of the dolphins. Being a twin hulled catamaran it is very stable with fantastic seakeeping properties, it also extremely safe for children. We have a full sized toilet on board (but please try to use the nearby loos before you get on board if possible).

New Quay Boat Trips with guided tours

The 1.5 hour trip and ½ day charters for groups of 12 and under are on our 29 foot Aluminium, purpose built wildlife watching vessel. Built in 2019, this boat is ideal for feeling at one with the sea. Virtually silent with our small, petrol outboards and with the wheelhouse at the back, nothing gets in the way when we encounter any of the amazing animals of Cardigan Bay. Our guides will be sat out with you while giving their commentary, allowing you or your children to ask as many questions as you like. You’ve paid for the trip, so make the most of it by learning as much as you can.

Both our vessels have side doors which makes stepping on board very easy. Please get in touch before booking as some of our trips leave from departure points that make wheelchair access impossible. Please view this YouTube video to get an idea of how to get to our departure point and what is involved if you have limited mobility.

New Quay Boat Trips, Wildlife Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching in Cardigan Bay, Wales​ with SeaMôr

Experience the diverse wildlife and stunning scenery of Cardigan Bay’s Heritage Coast.

Dolphin spotting New Quay Boat Trips where you will enjoy the sight of wild marine mammals and seabirds living in their natural habitat.

What’s in Our Pots?

We may also lift a couple of strategically placed lobster pots on our 1.5hr tours, depending on the conditions.

We have a few strategically placed lobster pots along the trips. The seabed is different at each of these locations which means that we are more likely to catch different creatures at each point. 

Lobsters, crabs, prawns, and even small sharks can be handed or touched before being released and we continue on our journey.

Boat Trips to see what's in our lobster pots around Cardigan Bay

Walk from the booking office to the boat.

How to get to the boat from outside the SeaMor gift shop. Watch and listen to hear an explanation of the route and its issues for people with limited mobility.