The best beaches near Aberystwyth

Ceredigion in west Wales is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and stunning port towns. Whether you would prefer to spend your evening sipping a drink and watching the sunset from a boat, or venturing out to the open sea on dolphin spotting boat trips, the beautiful beaches near Aberystwyth have you covered.

Very few places in the UK have such a large concentration of beautiful sandy beaches, so here are some of the best beaches near Aberystwyth to give you some ideas of where to visit next on this historic coast.

The best beaches near Aberystwyth

Aberporth Beach

Aberporth is renowned for being one of the quaintest villages on the Welsh coast, and its beach begins to come to life as the weather starts to heat up.

The name ‘Aberporth Beach’ is commonly used, but this particular beach is split into two distinct beaches by a headland, with Dolwen Beach on the east side and Dyffryn Beach on the west.

Offering long, sheltered, sandy beaches plus rock pools to explore, these secluded beaches really are a must-visit this year. Plus, swimming is considered safe during much of the school holidays.

best beaches near Aberystwyth - Aberporth Beach
Best beaches near Aberystwyth - Tresaith Beach

Tresaith Beach

Just a short walk from Aberporth beach is Tresaith beach, which is overlooked by a picturesque village which acts as the perfect backdrop to this charming stretch of soft sand.

Tresaith is named after the River Saith, which sends exquisite waterfalls cascading over the cliff-edges and down onto the rocks below, and on into the sea. This incredible landscape shows why the natural beauty in the area is such a universal draw for holidaymakers.

Llangrannog Beach

Llangrannog may have started life as a small rural port village, but nowadays, its beautiful sandy beach is nestled within the characterful craggy cliffs of Ceredigion.

Popular with surfers and sailors alike, Llangrannog is near the peninsula of Ynys Lochtyn, home to a large colony of seals, making this the perfect beach to begin exploring the unique collection of animal and plant species that call the coast their home.

Best beaches near Aberystwyth - Llangrannog Beach

Mwnt Beach

Owned by the National Trust, this secluded sandy cove is popular with families, walkers, and dolphin spotters.

Atop the cliffs sits a circa 14th-century church building which overlooks this pirate-cove looking inlet.

Mwnt Beach

Another National Trust beach in Cardigan Bay is Penbryn, which has a long stretch of soft sand.

According to the Trust themselves, Penbryn acts as an excellent starting point for the Wales Coast Path, the hiking trail which covers much of this stunning shoreline.

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