Why sunset is the best time to see dolphins in New Quay, Wales

Who doesn’t love and admire graceful dolphins? With their friendly faces and streamlined shape, they’re fun to watch. Many locals and tourists in New Quay wonder, what is the best way to go dolphin watching in Wales? We believe it’s dolphin watching in Cardigan Bay from a boat where you can get up close and personal with these wonderful creatures.

When’s the best time to go dolphin watching in Cardigan Bay?

 The summer months are when dolphins are in Wales, and New Quay is the hottest spot for them until they migrate north to the Isle of Man for winter.Dolphins don’t keep regular hours for living as we do. They only allow one half of their brain to sleep at a time, known as unihemispheric sleep, so they stay conscious. They alternate each side to make sure they get enough rest and stay just below the water’s surface so it’s easy to grab some air. This means your chances of seeing dolphins are pretty good at any time of the day.Our New Quay dolphins tend to be most active early in the morning and all afternoon, especially in the evening.

How can I see them?

The best way is by boat as you can go looking for them and get closer. If you’re visiting Cardigan Bay and looking for things to do in New Quay, this is a great choice.Our New Quay boat trips at SeaMor are perfect for couples, families and nature and wildlife lovers. Our skippers are knowledgeable, and if dolphins are around, they’re sure to find them. A marine biologist is on hand to share information about local history, geology and wildlife so you get the most from your trip.Our most popular trip is the hour-long dolphin-watching. On a quiet flat-hull passenger boat, with a small number of guests, allowing for unobstructed views of the wildlife. You’ll be able to stand right up to the bow, within arm’s reach of the dolphins.This trip will take you past massive bird colonies and sea caves, so it’s a fantastic bird-watching trip too at one of the most important sea bird breeding sites in Wales. Stare in wonder at razorbills and guillemots crammed on the cliff ledges and watch choughs and peregrine falcons flying around.Our hour-long sunset trips are incredibly popular. Sunset from a boat is the most beautiful way to watch the sun going down. When the sun turns the sky an enchanting mix of oranges and reds, and it’s reflected in the water, there’s nothing to equal the tranquillity of that moment. Dolphins are often most active at this time of day too when fish find their prey comes nearer to the surface of the sea.

Where can I do this?

 Come dolphin watching in Cardigan Bay with us at SeaMor Dolphin Watching.Choose from the 1-hour trip, the Sunset Trip, or a Half-day Charter where you design your own itinerary based on what you want to do and see. Book your Dolphin Watching Boat Trip here